Application Procedure

  1. You start your application by filling in the online application form offered by the International Students Office.
  2. As told at the end of the online-application you have to print out your application and to send it together with the documents to the International Office. Your complete paper application should contain:
    • The printed application form
    • all transcripts from your Bachelor course or program
    • your High School leaving certificate
    • a copy of your TOEFL test result or an adequate test result (IELTS, Unicert III or UCLES CAE)
    • your CV (including information about your hobbies and further interests)
    • your statement of purpose including why you intend to come to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and what you intend to do after you'll finish your Master course.
    • two references from your course professors, indicating your position in class
    • These documents the International Office will send to the Department of Electrical Engineering where the documents will be checked to decide if the applicant is adequate to the field of specialization in Information and Communication.
    • All the information will form the basis of the decision of the commission at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.
    • A formal check of your documents will be performed by the International Office. You will be informed on the final decision by the International Office as soon as possible, but not until the deadline.

    Please note that only complete applications will be processed.

    If you are interested in applying for this international master program, please apply as soon as possible. Deadlines are: 15th of July for the winter term and 15th of January for the summer term.

    Applications will be screened immediately, but the results will be sent out not until the deadline. Should you encounter problems with the time frame of your visa-application, we will help to expedite the process.