Engineers shape the future

Bild Sandra Göttisheim, KIT

The globalized society of the 21st century is dependent on technical infrastructures. The public, industry and private individuals rightly expect secure generation and reliable distribution of energy, a seamlessly linked transport system, the provision of worldwide communication links or the supply of medical services at any time and any place.

Electrical and information engineers develop the associated systems and their components, conduct research to increase their efficiency or their environmental compatibility, and install, maintain and repair them.

If you are interested in what you can use the knowledge you have acquired in mathematics and physics classes for, and if, after obtaining a Bachelor's or Master's degree, you would like to take up a fascinating profession with excellent prospects for the future and become an engineer in electrical engineering and information technology, you have come to exactly the right place on our website.

At our department, you will first acquire a broad basic knowledge in a continuous and flexible course of studies , in order to then perfect your education by making your personal choice from a variety of specializations (majors). Teaching and research are closely linked at our department. Already during your studies you have the opportunity to work on current research topics.