Information for foreign students

Welcome to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology!

This website is intended for incoming students who plan to register or already have registered at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (Fakultät für Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik). The follwing section will give you some short introduction to prepare your stay at KIT.


The Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology consists of 16 separate institutes. Each of them has its own research focus and together they cover almost the complete area of electrical engineering from electric energy systems and automation engineering to materials science and information and communication technology. Here you can find an overview about the institutes.

To obtain more information about the KIT in general and to make a good start here, you can find a lot of information on the website of the International Office. Furthermore, there is the AK-Erasmus student group which provides a lot of information on their website too.




Lecture Periods

The lecture period in Germany starts quite late compared to other european countries. If you plan your stay, please make sure your are still in Kalrsruhe when exams take place. The periods are normally

  • Winter Term:
    • Lecture Period: End of October -  Middle of February
    • Exam Period: Middle of February - Middle of April
  • Summer Term:
    • Lecture Period: Middle of April - End of July
    • Exam Period: End of July - Middle of October

The exact dates for each year can be found here



All courses offered by the university can be found in the online University Calendar:

Please make sure to select the right semester in the dropdown menu on the top right. WS means winter term and SS is the summer term.

Additionally, all lectures offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering can be found in our Module Handbook:

And we also provide a list of all lectures given in english by our department:

The International Office also provides information on degree programms and courses not only from our department) held in english:


There are three different kinds of courses:

  • Lectures (Vorlesungen):
    • You do not have to attend lectures, however, we recommend you to do
    • You do not have to register to attend the lectures
  • Tutorials / Excercises (Tutorien / Übungen):
    • Supplemental to the lectures, also facultative but recommended
    • Cannot be taken without the lecture
  • Laboratories / Seminars (Praktika / Seminare):
    • You must register! The application/registration procedure is different from course to course and usually takes place shortly before the lectures start. Check the lab's website or write an e-mail to the person in charge
    • Attendance is compulsory!
    • Places are limited and cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, only one Laboratory per semester is allowed and we strongly recommend you to look for an alternative course in advance, in case you do not get a place in the lab.


  • There are two kinds of exams:
    • Written exams
    • Oral exams
  • Check the website or ask the lecturer for what kind of exam will be held
  • In order to register for exams follow the procedure explained in the video here:
    • Login to
    • Select Exams tab
    • Select Examination Registration
    • Click on the signpost icon next respective department
    • Select the appropriate courses
    • Save your selection
    • Click on the course for which you want to register
    • To register for the exam click on the symbol next to the status
    • Click on the button Register
  • If you write a Bachelor/Master thesis, follow the registration procedure as described above but select the 15/30 ECTS placeholder
  • If your exam is not listed
  • Make sure you are still in Karlsruhe for the exam
  • Dates for oral exams can sometimes be arranged with the lecturer
  • Remember to register for the exam in time


Transcript of Records

You can print out your Transcript of Records yourself. Simply follow these steps:


Learning Agreement

  • You can change your Learning Agreement at any time of your stay. (Make sure that‘s also ok with your home university!)
  • At least 50% of the courses you choose have to be from the department of electrical engineering and information technology (ETIT)
  • You can only do one laboratory at most per semester


German Language Courses

In order to improve your German skills we recommend you to participate in a pre-semester German language course and/or in a course during the semester:

  • Pre-semester German langauge course (3 weeks, 4 ECTS, 75 €)
  • German language course during the semester (during the semester, 4-8 ECTS, free of charge)

Further Information can be found here.

Master-/Bachelor Theses

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor- or Masterthesis as an Erasmus student you can look for open topics at the webpages of the institutes of our department. Please be aware that a Bachelorthesis at KIT consists of 15 ETCS and lasts 3 month. A Masterthesis consist of 30 ECTS and last 6 month; it is not possible to attend lectures besides a Masterthesis.

Open topics for Bachelor- or Mastertheses are listed at the following webpages for each institute. Even though some of the pages are only listed in German, it is normally no problem to do your thesis in English. Please be aware that you have to contact the supervisor named in the announcement of the Topics before you arrive in Germany.

Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBT)

Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics (IPQ) 

Institute for Information Processing Technologies (ITIV) 

Institute of Micro- und Nanoelectronic Systems (IMS)

Intitute of Electrical Engineering (ETI)

Institut für Elektroenergiesysteme und Hochspannungstechnik (IEH)

Institute of Radio Frequency Engineering and Electronics (IHE)

Institute of Industrial Information Technology (IIIT)

Institut für Regelungs- und Steuerungssysteme (IRS)

Institute of Materials for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IAM-ET)

Communications Engineering Lab (CEL)

Light Technology Institute (LTI)

Institute for Pulsed Power and Microwave Technology (IHM)

Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP)

Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)

Institute for Data Processing and Electronics (IPE)