Here you will find frequently asked questions. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact the study program service.

General information

Yes, recognition from previous studies or another university is possible.

You can also find further information here.

Click here for the application!

Please note: According to § 18 (2) of the study and examination regulations, students who are newly enrolled must submit the application for recognition within one semester of enrolment.

You can find all the important information about your studies on the faculty website under:

Study & Teaching ->Study programs -> respective study program

If you have any questions about examinations, procedures or other problems relating to your studies, please feel free to drop by the Program Service.

Program Service: Building 30.36 Room 115

Email: bachelor-info∂etit.kit.edu I master-info∂etit.kit.edu

You must re-register for each upcoming semester. There are fixed deadlines for online re-registration. Please refer to the Student Services (SLE) homepage for more information. If you have missed the deadline, please contact your Student Services administrator in person (also SLE).


  • Listen carefully to the lectures
  • Interview students from higher semesters
  • Past exams and transcripts (available from Fachschaft)
  • Study groups with fellow students
  • Oral exams: Generally concepts need to be explained, but not every calculation needs to be known
  • Written exams: Mostly about calculations or exercises from the tutorials

If an examination is finally failed (written repeat examination and oral re-examination), an application for a second retake can be submitted to the Examination Committee in justified cases.

Orientation examinations are excluded from second retakes!

After a failed written re-examination, an oral re-examination takes place promptly, which cannot be graded better than 4.0.

The registration and scheduling of this examination is handled directly by the examining institute. Please note the notices at the institutes and check your KIT email account regularly!

You can repeat the exam once, both orally and in writing.

You can withdraw from a written examination until the examination papers are issued (online or directly to the examiner).

You can withdraw from an oral examination up to 3 days before the examination.

Be sure to cancel your registration before the start of the examination.

As long as it is possible, via the campus portal, or directly to the examiner if you have to cancel at short notice.

An examination not taken without deregistration will be graded 5.0 (fail).

We recommend that you keep proof of your deregistration (screenshot of the online deregistration, confirmation email from the examiner).

The current examination dates can be found in the campus portal, on the websites of the examining institutes and on the faculty website: Studies & Teaching -> Study Programs -> respective study program -> examination dates

Yes, you must bring your student ID with you.

If you were not able to register online, but only with an admission letter, you must also bring this with you.

You register online via the campus portal.


Yes, you can change your specialization at any time.

However, please note that some modules you have already completed cannot necessarily be transferred to other specializations and will then be booked as additional credits.

Please contact the study program service before making a change.

A change is only possible until the start of the final thesis!

Lectures usually take place in the summer or winter semester.

Compulsory subjects:
Basic subjects: basic knowledge, best taken in the first and second Master's semester
Compulsory subjects: compulsory, includes a work placement (compulsory attendance)
Compulsory elective subjects: choose subjects that are related to your specialization and seem most interesting to you.
You must put together your own timetable:
Lectures take place either in summer or winter (exams are possible every semester)
Create your timetable in CAS. Overlaps are clearly visible there

On the page study programs -> Master ETIT -> Specializations

to see an overview of all 24 specializations and find links to more specific information, fields of application, contents and backgrounds, subject-specific study advice, the languages that can be studied and the respective institutes.

It is recommended that you contact the study advisor for your chosen specialization at the beginning of your studies to clarify your individual study plan.

The approved individual study plan must be submitted to the program service by the time you register your thesis at the latest.