Biomedical Engineering: Science and Technology for health

Modern medicine is no longer conceivable without technology. From hearing aids and highly complex electronic prostheses to the diagnosis and prevention of heart disease: Medical technology reduces restrictions, improves quality of life in the event of illness and helps with diagnosis and early detection.


The program Biomedical Engineering at KIT

The research and development of new medical technology takes place at the interface between engineering, computer science, natural sciences, and medicine.

The new Bachelor's degree program in Biomedical Engineering focuses on the electrical engineering and information technology aspect and takes the interdisziplinarity into account: students learn the basics of engineering science, but also gain practical experience in the clinic at an early stage and deal with the special perspective of medical experts.



Course content

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Study plan MEDT 23_24

Computersimulation mit schlagendem Herzen (gif) KIT, A. Loewe
Computer simulation of a heart with associated pressure-volume curves