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In the Bachelor's degree courses in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechatronics and Information Technology and Biomedical Engineering, theory is combined with tangible practice right from the start: The workshops, which are an integral part of the degree courses, make it easier to get started and illustrate the basics that will be needed during your studies -and later in your career. The practical courses are part of modules on the three Bachelor's degree courses.

Procedure of the workshops

At the beginning of their studies, all students are provided with a microprocessor and many electronic components, which they use to solve various practical tasks over the course of the first 4 semesters. The tasks are worked on in groups of 3 students and recorded. Students use the ILIAS learning platform to exchange information and help each other during their work.




In terms of content, the course deals with the introduction to circuit analysis with operational amplifiers, hardware-related µProcessor programming, sensors and evaluation electronics as well as the acquisition and evaluation of signals. The courses on the individual topics are carried out in groups and at home with a corresponding µController board.


The workshops at a glance

Graphische Inhalte LEN Workshop KIT
Linear electronic networks A
Graphische Inhalte LEN Workshop KIT
Linear electronic networks B
Graphische Inhalte ES Workshop KIT
Electronic devices and circuits
Graphische Inhalte SuS Workshop KIT
Signals and systems
Graphische Inhalte IT Workshop KIT
Information Technology I


We would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support of the workshops. If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Thomas Zwick.