The research internship

Eine Studierende erklärt einem Kommilitonen etwas zu Geräten KIT

The research internship provides students with insights into project and team-oriented research activities as early as the Bachelor's degree.

The research internship is completed at a KIT institute or at an external research institution. It is intended to give Bachelor students interested in research an insight into project and team-oriented scientific research activities. The assessment of success consists of a written internship report. The research internship is recognized by the Internship Office in the same way as an industrial internship.
In consultation with the supervising institute, a final presentation on the content of the research internship can also be arranged.

Use this website to find out more about the ETIT institutes' research internship topics. Then get in touch with the contact persons at the institutes: Your individual project will be defined in more detail together with you. If you have a specific idea for project content that is not yet listed in the table, you can also contact an ETIT institute directly that matches the content of your project idea. You are also welcome to involve other faculties or research institutions.

Find out here about the topics of research internships at the ETIT institutes

Further topics for research internships at the ETIT institutes are currently being developed and will be continuously updated in the following table.

ETIT Institute Subject area
Institute for Industrial Information Technology (IIIT) Simulation, measurements and method development in the field of measurement technology, image processing and signal processing
Institute for Regulation and Control Systems (IRS)

Modelling, control and optimization of energy systems

Institute for Applied Materials - Electrochemical Technologies (IAM-ET)

Simulation of hydrogen production (Power-to-H2) Performance analysis of new electrode materials


Experimental safety and performance tests on lithium-ion batteries


Simulation of large-format lithium-ion cells


Institute for Biomedical Engineering (IBT)  
Electrotechnical Institute (ETI)

Hardware and software for the rapid prototyping system at the ETI


Development, construction and commissioning of power electronics and motor test benches


Development of a weatherproof housing for a modular DC/DC controller system for PV systems


Institute for Electrical Energy Systems and High Voltage Technology (IEH)  
Institute for High Frequency Technology and Electronics (IHE)

Relay system for communication technology


Circuit technology


Radar signal processing and radar-based gesture recognition


Dielectric Measurements of PAN Fibers in N2 Atmosphere


Fast Imaging of CO2 Microwave Sustained Plasma


Development of a frequency measurement setup up to 260 GHz

Institute of Photonics and Quantum Electronics (IPQ)  
Institute for Communications Engineering (CEL)

Optimization and implementation of communication systems using

machine learning



Implementation and evaluation of contact tracing procedures

("Contact Tracing") with software-based radio modules

Institute for Information Processing Technology (ITIV)

Automatic exchange of weights in artificial neural networks


Assistive Robotics: Embedded Vision for Humanoid Robot


Optimizing datagram encryption in embedded monitoring system


Development and integration of AI accelerators for autonomous driving


Universal Prototyping Platform for Embedded Systems Research


FPGA-based Sensor Data Processing


Neuromorphic Vision


Developing AI-powered software and hardware for medical decision making


Development of a computing cluster for parallel data processing

Institute for Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems (IMS) Development, production, characterization and applications of quantum technology detectors and sensors
Light Technology Institute (LTI)  
Institute for High Power Pulse and Microwave Technology (IHM) Simulation and measurements in the field of high-power microwave technology for nuclear fusion, space radar and industrial material process technology
Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP)  
Institute of Microstructure Technology (IMT)  
Institute for Process Data Processing and Electronics (IPE)