The Master ETIT: Deepening and specialization

KIT-Campus mit Fahrrädern

For the specialization in the Master's degree, there are numerous fields of specializations to choose from, which cover the competences and fields of application of the entire degree programme. The structure of the degree program allows freedom for individual specializations and at the same time ensures a well-founded education accompanied by specialist study guidance.

Due to the partial overlapping of the fields of specialization, the choice does not have to be made immediately at the beginning of the study program, but can be specified successively up to the beginning of the Master's thesis.


Information for students of the SPO 2015: All the following information on the specializations refers to the current study and examination regulations 2018 (=start of studies from WS 2018/19). The contents largely overlap with the specializations of your SPO 2015, but the study structure and forms differ significantly. You can find the Individual Study Plans valid for you under the following link:

Individual study plans for students of the SPO 2015.




Overview of the fields of specialization (SPO 2018)

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2Signal ProcessingGerman
3Biomedical EngineeringGerman
5Regulation and control technologyGerman
6Electric drives and power electronicsGerman
8Information and AutomationGerman
9Electrical energy systems and high voltage technologyGerman
10Optical TechnologiesGerman
11High Frequency TechnologyGerman
13Systems EngineeringGerman
14Communication SystemsGerman
15Micro- and NanoelectronicsGerman
16Communication TechnologyGerman
17Information and CommunicationEnglish
18Renewable EnergiesGerman
19Aerospace equipment systemsGerman
22Micro-, Nano-, OptoelectronicsGerman
23Electrical Energy Systems and Energy EconomicsGerman
24Electrical Power Systems


25Sensor SystemsGerman
26Applied Superconductors EngineeringGerman