Field of specialization 24: Electrical Power Systems


In a nutshell

A reduction of CO2 emissions is essential for future life on earth. This goal can be achieved by a 100 % utilization of renewables. However, this requires developing and establishing a completely new power supply system. This new energy system comprises all energy sectors: electrical power, gas and heat. Intelligent (smart) systems are used to combine these energy systems together with new equipment like conversion units (CHP’s, Fuel cells, …), storage Systems (Batteries, Gas storage), and efficient transmission technologies (superconducting grid equiment).

"Electric Power Systems“ covers a wide range of topics within power engineering by combining grid aspects, power electronics, control and special power applications like superconduting and pulse power. Thus, a broad range of applications are opened:

  • Power engineering at grid system operators and power industry
  • Renewable power systems
  • Pulse power applications
  • Superconducting systems

Graduates in „Electric Power Systems“ will find attractive positions in research and development, project engineering, production and technical marketing in international medium and large enterprices as well as in service enterprices. Due to the enormous challenge in solving the climate problem, a sustainable need for excellent power engineers can be expected – now and in future.

Basic courses provide knowledge such as optimization as well as systems and software engineering. The compusory part oft he specialization provides knwledge in all relevant field of elecrical energy engineering such as power electronics, power transmission and grid control but also energy market aspects and technologies like superconducting systems. The laboratory „Modern Software Tools in Power Engineering“ gives insights in software tools like DigSilent of Power factory, MATLAB Simulink and electromagnetic field calculation using COMSOL.

Elective courses could go deeper into power enineering of in econolical aspects. It is also possible to supplement courses of adjacent discipline like mechanical enginering. This specialization focusses on a broad understanding oft he power system rather than deep knowledge in induvidual fields in comonation with knowledge in energy economics.

This major is taught in English and can be studied with English language knowledge only. In the elective part the selection of courses taught in German is possible.

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