Field of Specialization 26: Applied Superconductors Engineering


In a nutshell

Today, superconductor-based quantum technology plays a key role in many areas of research, society and industry. Examples are energy technology, medical technology, sensor technology or quantum computing. In order to be prepared for future challenges in these areas and to perspectively realize new, today unthinkable applications, a profound knowledge in the field of superconductor-based quantum technology is necessary which students acquire within the scope of this specialization.

The broad application of superconductor-based quantum technology opens up unique and versatile fields of application in research, society and industry, especially in the area of

  • electrical energy technology
  • mobility
  • manufacturing technology
  • medical technology
  • measurement and sensor technology
  • computing

Graduates in “Applied Superconductors Engineering” are qualified for research and development, but also for technical sales and project management.

As a result of broad and intense research programs over the last decades, superconductor-based quantum technology nowadays plays a key role in many areas of science, society and industry. For example, superconducting systems in energy technology and communications engineering will play a key role in realizing the already initiated and ecologically necessary energy transition or the digitization of society. In addition, superconducting magnet systems form the foundation for diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging in medical technology, advanced NMR spectroscopy in manufacturing technology or enable the construction of the first economically viable nuclear fusion reactor. In the field of sensors and computing, superconductor-based quantum sensors and quantum electronic devices also play a leading role in making it possible to realize applications today that were considered unfeasible with conventional technology yesterday.

Students of “Applied Superconductors Engineering” receive a solid overview of the fundamentals and applications of superconductor-based quantum technology in research, society and industry through the offered lectures, seminars and practical courses. Students become experts in one of the main directions of superconductor-based quantum technology through the courses in the elective area: quantum sensing, energy engineering, materials science. The ultimate goal of the program is to form an engineer with deep expertise in one of the areas of applied superconductor-based quantum technology who can become a leader in a promising field of electrical and information engineering.


This major is taught in English and can be studied with English language knowledge only. In the elective part the selection of courses taught in German is possible.

Vertiefungsrichtungen, die mit „Deutsch“ gekennzeichnet sind, enthalten im Grundlagen- und Pflichtbereich sowohl Module in deutscher als auch in englischer Sprache.